Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogging for LGBT Families: Our Commitment to You

To all LGBT families,

Today is blogging for LGBT families day. And I really had hoped that this year, I'd be able to say that our little family helped your families in Maryland receive some of the rights and protections under the law that other folks fought for back in 1967 so our multiracial family could exist today. I don't want to focus on the disappointments we faced this year, but instead, I want to take today to recommit our family to fighting for what is right, what is inevitable and what will come next year. Your families deserve it. Not because I think so, but because it's what's right, humane, fair and logical.

We're going to make sure to lobby our legislators and talk to our neighbors and travel to Annapolis again next year to make sure that Maryland becomes one of the very next states to pass marriage equality and gender identity protections.

Earlier this year, Noah, Ash and I spent time talking with our legislators in person, writing them letters, calling (their staff often recognized my voice as soon as I called) to try and get marriage equality and gender identity protection legislation passed in our little state. When it didn't we were heartbroken, but we came home to protections for our families, while yours still had to go without. I understand laws don't change hearts, but I also understand how important it is to have them to protect your rights. To protect each other, your families, your children, yourselves.

This winter, we'll welcome another soldier for equality to our family, and hopefully the four of us will make as many personal visits, calls and letter writing as we need to do to help make sure Maryland passes these two important pieces of legislation. At the same time, I recognize that we really need to have these laws to protect families on a national level, and I'd like to commit our family to helping to move forward more permanent legislation on a national level.

I'd like to send extra love today to my transgender sibling Aren and my sister-in-law (though not legally) Andy. You have a beautiful family, and our commitment is for every LGBT family out there, but there's a little extra love and commitment directed to you all.

In solidarity with a full heart full of hope and fire,


  1. Holy cow. I've read through 25 or so of Mombian's bloggers today with jaunty comments and happy notes. Your pic of a silenced family smashed me to tears. Thank you, and keep up the good work!


  2. It is your actions that give me hope that we'll make some progress, eventually. A big thanks to you and your family!

  3. Just started reading through your blog today and your spirit encourages me! I too see a strong connection between the racists laws of the past and the anti-gay laws of today. Thank you for blogging about this!