Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wonder How Deep a Mother's Love is?

At least 10 feet deep of foam.

Today, I took Noah to a gymnastics class. He had a really fun time but it was hard to wait in line for turns to do most of the things. At the end of class, there were a couple of slides lined up by a foam pit. Noah happily slid down the slide then looked back at me with the most pure, happy smile I've ever seen on another person. A whole pit of foam for him to play in and explore.

He happily played with the other kids in his class then he scooted farther through the foam and found a place to hang out. He kept putting his head down, I think to see if he could figure out how deep it was. I kept reminding him that mommy needed to see his face at all times.

Little by little he moved his body so it would sink deeper in the foam. Each time he'd look right at me with a huge smile. After a little while, I he got deeper than I was comfortable with. His head was getting lower and lower into the foam. The teacher didn't seem to mind, but I asked how deep the pit was.

Around the same time, Noah started to move like he wanted to get up or move to another spot but he was so submerged in the foam he couldn't. He was stuck.

"It's 10 feet deep."

One of the other moms asked the teacher to get Noah and he began to cry frantically and was sinking farther into the foam because he didn't want her to touch him.

So at 35 weeks pregnant, I jumped in the foam pit and tugged hard on Noah. It was harder than I thought it would be to get him above the foam. He was happy and safely sitting on top of the foam. Then I looked up and realized I'd have to climb out of the foam pit somehow. Except my legs were stuck. I had to kick my way free then I had to do a pull up off of the side to get out.

I'm glad no one was video taping because I can only imagine it going viral.

Everyone was safe. And I realized there really is no limit to what a mother would do for her child.

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  1. Oh my goodness - I'm glad you're both okay! I know that panicky feeling; Noah is lucky to have a mommy like you to jump in and grab him.